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Fakeer is a non-governmental organization that promotes quality health care, initiates and fosters new developments and implementation . It was established as a charitable organization to supporting the needy in Delhi, India in 2012.

The Society aims to support the Health Programme’s, Excellent education for every child, Environmental development activities in India

We focuses on health improvement activities in the community that are marginalised or poor, especially women and children, young people, slum populations and migrants affected by the major diseases and tries to bring about positive changes in their life-style.

We’re working towards – A day when every child gets the opportunity to attain an excellent education. A day when we can empower every human being with choice. Because that’s what every child deserves.

Fakeer has been engaged in environmental development activities with a philosophy of self-help and community participation.

Every time we make a choice, we feel lucky. However, we cannot help but think …what if? What if these choices weren’t available to us?

Over the past three years, the size of the team has increased threefold, which reflects the success of our ecosystem model as well as the tremendous challenges that still need to be addressed within the development sector in India.